3 More Tips For Increasing Your Traffic! Blog Cooperation vs Blog Competition

3 More Tips For Increasing Your Traffic! Blog Cooperation vs Blog Competition

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AccessMyBlog.blogspot.com probably have already acknowledged that he has already left some comments here today, in response to some problems with their hacks blogger. Now came with a very good article, I am so proud to introduce to you. Now, here is.

If you compete or cooperate with other blogs?

Many of you would have this question in his mind, especially those new bloggers or bloggers in an intermediate level. What approach would benefit you? This post aims to discuss this issue in detail.

Blog Competition

When started blogging, I considered all around me as competition to my blog. I've been very careful to write my posts that I do not give any link to other blogs. My blog was like an island in the blogosphere. I thought that readers come to my blog only for what I write. However, I had one reader who visit my blog every day (that's me, who else). You get the picture.

Blog Cooperation

Whether you are a new blogger or a professional blogger, can not survive alone. The entire structure of blogs are basa in a cooperative network. Therefore, finding ways to communicate and network with other bloggers. I have taken the cooperative approach and my ranking and traffic have increased considerably since then. If you need any proof, read my post here in significant increase in my blog traffic.

Here are some tips to increase your blog traffic :

Encouraging comments on your blog

Blogging is not just about writing. These involve their readers and inducing them to respond. Be open to negative comments; accept them with a smile. Wherever possible, respond to each and every one of his remarks. Respond to your questions promptly. Building a strong relationship with its readers.

Leave comments on other blogs

Spend some time to read blogs of their niche. Leave a little note to let you know that have visited. Be careful not to openly promote his blog. If you have any useful link that would add value to the discussion, and then include it.

Participate in forums

Join any forum that you like best, preferably a forum that connects bloggers their own niche. Do not add to the account of the discussions. Their participation should contribute to discussions in a positive way. Avoid staff.

There are many more ways to make yourself into the network of bloggers. Please share your way of doing this.

Source : https://dhuwuh.blogspot.com/2008/08/3-more-tips-for-increasing-your-traffic.html

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