How To Get Back Missing Search Option At Your System Windows XP

How To Get Back Missing Search Option At Your System Windows XP

This is a common tactic of today's malware to disable certain functions of Windows utility that can help get rid of these malicious programs. Some of the functions that are normally the disabled are the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options, show hidden files and folders, Run dialog from the Start menu and the search function of Windows. Today a friend of mine asked me to their search option was missing its Windows. I did a little research and discovered that usually takes care of malware to disable the search function. Here are some ways to get back the search option missing in Windows XP.

Using the Group Policy Editor :

1. Go to Start –> Run –> gpedit.msc

2. The group policy editor will open. Now go to the following key : User Configuration –> Administrative templates –> Start Menu and Task Bar. In the right hand pane, select “Remove Search menu from Start menu”

Most probably it will be set to enabled. Just disable it once, click Apply and then select “Not Configured” and again click Apply.

Usually the Search function is enabled instantaneously. If it is not enabled, go to Start –> Run –> cmd and issue the following command : C:\>gpupdate /force

This will force the settings to be applied instantaneously.

Using the command REG

Sometimes it is better to add record through command line rather than go through all the manual processes to open the Registry Editor, find the right key and change it. Therefore, I am giving the solution of command line to allow the search function of Windows. To enable the search function, simply go to Start -> Run and copy and paste the following command and press OK to continue.

Using commands automated registration

If you are unsure of all the above, I created this script that will allow the search function automatically without user intervention. Copy the script below and save as

When you run this program asks whether you want to add registration information. Please click Yes.

Save as below this script --> Repair.reg :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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Wow. Thanks dude, this really helped.

Do you know about when there are programs where their icons appear as unknown progs but still function? if you have anything, I would be very grateful.

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