How To Manual Remover Worm Virus With REPAIR.INF and REPAIR.VBS

How To Manual Remover Worm Virus With REPAIR.INF and REPAIR.VBS

This is my collection about how to manual remover virus with repair.inf or repair.vbs. Just copy and save in your computer, than right click files to the execution. But before execution that repair.inf or repair.vbs, you must know what is files execute needed to repair virus on your system windows xp.

This is my collection repair.inf or repair.vbs to remove manual virus :

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● To Active Your Right Click

● Remove Virus Amburadul

● Remove Virus Amora

● Remove Virus Sohadah_AH

● Remove Virus Anti Pacaran

● Remove Virus Bandot

● Remove Virus Bangle js

● Remove Virus Banten

● Remove Virus Blue Fantasi W32/VBWorm.MYE

● Remove Virus Brontok 2007

● Remove Virus Dago

● Remove Virus Face cool W32/FaceCool

● Remove Virus Flue Burung

● Remove Virus Grogotix A

● Remove Virus Jahil

● Remove Virus Kespo v2

● Remove Virus Kill AV

● Remove Virus Moontox Bro

● Repair menu winlogin

● Remove Virus My Rose VB Worm A

● Remove Virus Nale A

● Remove Virus Brontok

● Remove Virus Renova

● Remove Virus Flue Ikan

● Remove Virus Gultung

● Remove Virus Revenge

● Remove Virus RontokbroEQ

● Remove Virus Tepa MM

● Can`t Save Mode

● Remove Virus UnHookExec

● Remove Virus Hysra Genmm Warteg

● Remove Virus VB Worm SS

● Remove Virus Viking

● Remove Virus VIndika

● Remove Virus Kere

● Remove Virus Warteg

● Remove Virus AVG

● Remove Virus W32 VBTroj CZA

● Remove Virus W32 VBWorm MNG

● Remove Virus W32 Gedug

● Remove Virus Kell AV XF

● Remove Virus W32 Naki G Grogoti zip

● Remove Virus W32 VBTroj FJA

● Remove Virus W32 VBWorm MPT

Note : Don`t forget after that to installing Anti Virus Recommended Up To Date

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merchant loans said... on September 8, 2010 at 5:31 PM  

Hey nice collection of virus removals, you are genius.. :) Thanks for sharing..

english indonesia dictionary said... on September 11, 2010 at 9:11 AM  

thanks,They are many colection repair.inf and repair.vbs above that i can use.

agen ibcbet said... on January 8, 2013 at 9:45 AM  

hmm thanks so much for share many of virus removal. keep it up, guy!

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