Super Fast 40 Gbps Residential Internet Now Possible In Sweden

Super Fast 40 Gbps Residential Internet Now Possible In Sweden

We had an interesting discussion earlier on countries that have the width of banda faster speeds. OECD data, however, was not quite up to date. A report by Yahoo! News recently reached a 75-year-old is now cruising the Internet with a 40 Gbps fiber optic connections in Karlstad, Sweden and cree which is the fastest residential uplink in the world, according to city officials of Karlstad. It turned out that she was the mother of Peter Lothberg, networking expert who said he wanted to demonstrate new technology, while providing a computer link to her mother. The report also gave a hint of how fast the connection is as follows :

In less than 2 seconds, Lothberg can download a long duration of his film on a home computer - many thousands of times faster than most of the residential connections, said Hafsteinn Jonsson, head of the city of Karlstad network drive.

I have an average of about 50 gigabytes of data uploaded and downloaded per month with my DSL connection 384Kbps. This is a small figure compared with those with fiber optic lines, on the assumption that there is no quota set by the ISP. If I had a connection of 40 Gbps, I would be an Internet service provider in our people. Too bad Pete Lothberg's mother only uses your Internet connection to read Web-based newspapers.

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