Tips For Simple Disable Right Click On Your Blogger

Tips For Simple Disable Right Click On Your Blogger

This post explains how to disable the right mouse button on blogger (blogspot) or any other web page using HTML (JavaScript) code. It's so annoying if someone copies (thefts) from your blog, articles, pictures and other proprietary information from you saying that they are the original owners of content. But, I think "disable the right mouse button 'is not the right solution for this. Most people come to your site to read the information and very small percentage of people who come to your site to steal their work, images, etc.So, most people feel it insulting and I think it is very little what to do. If you want to protect their images, my suggestion is to add a watermark (logo) sitename his or her name on the images, photos, etc.

Note : The use of this Javascript code, you just disable right click to warn visitors that the content is protected by copyright. That's all my personal opinion, however despirately if you want to add this feauture You may obtain this code here.

Follow this steps :

1. Login blogger

2. Layout --> Page Elements --> Add a Gadget

3. Than copy paste at your HTML/JavaScript

4. Done

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