Tips Master To Make Your Windows Vista Runing Super Faster

Tips Master To Make Your Windows Vista Runing Super Faster

So you're using Windows Vista and who feel slower than its Windows XP? Then you have come to the right place.

After tutorial will help you adjust your Windows Vista to the fullest and will feel a significant improvement in the performance of your system. So without further ado lets get started :

1. The following is a log file contains some amendments to the registration, which are completely safe and can increase the performance of Windows Vista. Just download the ZIP file attachment, extract and then execute the file:

2. Right click on My Computer icon on the desktop and choose Properties (or press <WIN> key + <Pause/Break> key), click the Advanced System Settings link on the left side panel (You can also open sysdm writing. RUN CPL in the start menu or the search box and hit Enter). Now click the Settings button in the Performance section :

Now turn off all unnecessary options in the Visual Effects tab, you can continue to be allowed following options according to their needs :

● Enable the composition desktop (If you want to use Aero theme)

● Enable transparent glass (If you want to use transparency in Windows)

● Show preview and filters in the folder (If you use details pane in the browser)

● Thumbnails instead of icons (If you want to show thumbnails in the browser)

● Show contents of window while dragging (If you want the windows to display the content as it moves)

● Smooth edges of screen types (If you want to show smooth sources)

● Use of shadows labels icon on the desktop (If you want to show shadows under the labels of desktop icon)

● Use visual styles in windows and buttons (If you want to use Windows Aero or core).

3. Open Folder Options and click on the View tab :

Now deactivate following options:

● Show the file size information folder councils.

● Show the naked eye in folder navigation.

● Hide extensions for known file types.

● Show encrypted or compressed files NTFS in color.

● Show pop-up description of the folder and stationery.

● Other options do not affect system performance. You can turn on or off depending on their needs.

4. Right-click My Computer on the desktop and select Manage (You can also open it by typing RUN services.msc in the start menu or the search box and hit Enter).

Now, go to services and applications -> Services. Here you can set some unnecessary services to Manual, which will not start with windows and reduce the boot time and increase system performance.

Please follow the instructions below to learn about what services can be set to MANUAL:

Services of Windows Vista that can be established with certainty MANUAL

5. Type msconfig in RUN or Startmenu search box and hit Enter. Now, go to Start tab and the selection of unnecessary records, which does not want to start automatically with Windows, for example, can disable the utility VGA, sound card, utilities, etc. to speed up the starting time and to increase system performance.

You can also disable these issues using Windows Defender. Open Windows Defender and click Tools, then click on "Software Explorer."

6. Open Sound Control Panel (or type mmsys.cpl in RUN or Startmenu search box and hit Enter), goto Sounds tab and select are not under section sound. Or you can remain some of his favorite sounds but is leaving Windows, Windows Logoff, Windows Logon start shipping (none).

7. After following all the points mentioned above, you'll see a big improvement in their performance of Windows Vista. If you want to adjust more, then you can use Part 3 tools that are on the list :

Tweaking Windows Vista software list

8. At last I will advise defragment the hard drive regularly, you just need to install the software, using the latest drivers and update their Windows.

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