SezWho's Comment For Your Ranking Platform Launch

SezWho's Comment For Your Ranking Platform Launch

Blog Catalog, a social network for bloggers claiming a membership of more than 100000 bloggers will be associated with SezWho for observation and monitoring platform for the ranking of bloggers. This sounds like something new and it will be good news for bloggers as useful comments, I suppose that include their own blogs, as well as others.

BlogCatalog also mentioned a network that offers a searchable directory of blogs to connect with a wider audience and provides a support group for discussion and collective action. This is another useful feature for bloggers, but have not yet seen the utility when it began. Meanwhile, I am sure that many bloggers are waiting impatiently to see how it works.

A blogger, for joining blogger joins BlogCatalog, will be able to create a personal profile for the network and this means additional exposure for bloggers who want exposure. Not only that, you can create an avatar for the profile and obtain a listing in the directory blog.

Screenshot entitled "BlogCatalog SezWho Popup" belongs to Futureworks PR

The partnership with SezWho BlogCatalog members have to download a plug-in to your blog. However, I can not comment on how this plug-in works or how helpful it can be only be released after the launch (January 31, 2008?).

With this comment Ranking Platform, bloggers can provide feedback ratings, reviews filtering and the ability to view a contributor of the Commission through the website. That may be welcomed by bloggers who want greater exposure, but can be seen as a kind of invasion of privacy of bloggers who want to stay private. However, it appears that can help drive traffic to your blog for those who look forward to receiving more visitors to your blog.

This may be what you see in the commentary system :

Screenshot BlogCatalog SezWho integrating Futureworks PR

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