Optimize Windows With WINner Tweak 3 Pro v3.8.0

Optimize Windows With WINner Tweak 3 Pro v3.8.0

Just Share Tips and Tricks Computers, Internet, Anti Virus, Spam Blocker, Blogger Tips, Blogger Tricks, Internet Bussines, News, Awards, Adsense, E-book Suite of tools for setting, adjusting and optimizing Windows. It helps increase performance and manage your system using various settings and utilities. All functions are easy to use under modern user-friendly interface. Winner Tweak Pro is a suite of tools for adjusting, optimizing and tuning of Windows. Winner Tweak Pro includes hundreds of modifications, adjustments and optimizations for Windows. You can browse by 5 main sections of the tune-up Center - Windows, Hardware, Security, Networking and Software to gain access to the need to change or adjustment. In addition to the settings, the program also offers several additional tools (electric) that include a disk cleaner, Registry Cleaner, clean shortcut, uninstall manager, File Shredder, Start-up Manager, popup blocker, a generator passwords, and a folder Protector to prevent access to certain folders. With the electric, you can clean the hard drive and record-keeping, safe destroy private files, generate very safe and very hard to break passwords, organize your desktop with translucent utility, the management of installed programs and much more ... Winner Tweak includes a detailed description of each tune. Simply right-click to amend the details and see the tip with detailed explanation! The import and export feature lets you create an export file, which contains specially selected and configuration settings. This export file can be imported later in Champion Tweak on the same computer or other equipment with the winner of Tweak. In addition, you can use the export configuration feature to create a template, which can be used to configure multiple computers with the same configuration, except for the machine and the system for specific information.

Source : https://dhuwuh.blogspot.com/2008/10/optimize-windows-with-winner-tweak-3.html

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