Try Antivirus Alternative From Microsoft Windows OneCare Live

Try Antivirus Alternative From Microsoft Windows OneCare Live

Microsoft will soon join the ranks of companies that offer all-in-one security protection to consumers. We take a look at the public beta of Windows OneCare Live, a new subscription-based PC protection package. It is one of several Internet-based services that are available for download from the Windows Live Ideas page.

OneCare Live is a collection of security tools and utilities that you can manage in a single interface. The components of security that currently consists of a firewall and antivirus software, Microsoft hopes to add an antispyware application in the context of a beta version. Other utilities in the package includes a backup application and an adjustment of up to automate routine tasks such as defragmenting disks and disk cleanup.

Try Antivirus Alternative From Microsoft Windows OneCare Live

Like most antivirus tools, OneCare Live lets you scan on demand or on a schedule, set the files and folders you want scanned, and exclude files from the scanning process. Currently, there is no incoming or outgoing e-mail scanning, and scans instant messaging traffic only from MSN Messenger, the company said, however, that plans to incorporate e-mail scanning and consider other IM clients scan later. A layer of behavior-based protection monitors file suspicious activity, such as modifying the registry keys. Our first scan took an acceptable 15-plus minutes.

OneCare's firewall, which monitors both incoming and outgoing network traffic, is a beef version of the Windows Firewall, which tracks only incoming traffic. After the first use OneCare question about the business of software that is not recognized as a software update from Apple and Lotus Notes network activity. For the most part, was kept out of our way as we have with security updates.

The installation was easy, despite the fact that we are forced to use Internet Explorer 6. (Check security updates requires the use of Internet Explorer 5 or later.) A web-based wizard assessed our system to see if they meet the minimum requirements, and to identify potential conflicts of software before you can install OneCare . Microsoft says that OneCare will make sure that you do not have antivirus software is running into conflict during the installation, but it does not recognize the client version of Symantec Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition installed on our PC. However, a reader comment today on our blog @ PC World, reported that he did for rapid detection and elimination of the desktop version of Norton AntiVirus.

Microsoft has not set a price for the package, but a Buy Now button indicates that OneCare will not be free forever.

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-- said... on October 21, 2008 at 1:10 PM  

Microsoft will soon join the ranks of companies that offer all-in-one security protection to consumers.
Really? sounds good....

btw, good luck bro!

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Data Center Monitoring said... on November 26, 2010 at 1:22 PM  

Extreamly nice post you have put here.The downside is that it doesn't include kitchen sink features, and it only monitors IE7. However the kitchen sink method always creates slowdown and the basic features in Onecare are more than enough for average user. The monitoring of IE7 is also a good thing, because even if you don't use IE7, a lot of programs including spyware do.

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Microsoft is now considered as master in the field of technology, would definitely love trying antivirus alternative frm MS windows

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It's worth using product from Microsoft family instead of going for anything else

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